DK 527

The DK525 offers big machine capability in a small machine body for performance under any job site conditions.
• Big pull capability for casing and
rod extraction.
• Engine offerings of up to 115HP.
• Sectional mast design for shortening in limited overhead applications.
• Less than 36″ wide in its narrowest
• Simple control system for quick and easy set-up.
• Built to serve and endure.

DK 527 General Specifications

  Type: Crawler, Fixed Base/Width  
  Width (max.): 1,676 mm (66.00 in.)
  Length (O.A.): 2,310 mm (90.94 in.)
  Shoe Width: 300 mm (11.81 in.)
Power Unit:  
  Type: Diesel Engine  
  Make: Deutz  
  Spec.: BF4M1012C  
  Power: 101 hp @ 2,500 rpm  
  Type: Hydraulic Top Drive  
  Make: Davey  
  Spec.: DR14  
  Perform: Speed #1 (max.): 23 rpm
    Torque #1 (max): 15,335 Nm (11,305 ft-lbs.)
    Speed #2 (max): 32 rpm
    Torque #2 (max): 10,220 Nm (7,535 ft-lbs.)
    Speed #3 (max): 64 rpm
    Torque #3 (max): 5,105 Nm (3,765 ft-lbs.)
Drill Mast:  
  Type: Motor/Chain Feed  
  Make: Davey Kent, Inc.  
  Spec. Variable Length: 2,464mm to 4,941 mm
      (8.08 ft. to 16.21 ft.)
    Working Stroke: 914mm to 3,391mm
      (3.00 ft. to 11.13 ft.)
  Perform: Feed/Extract Force: 75.1 kN (16,874 lbs.)
  (max) Feed/Extract Rate: 17.5m/min (57.4 ft/min.)
  Rotators, Off-hole Slide Carriages, Hydraulic Lifting Winches, Hydraulic Towing Winches,Cat Heads, Hydraulic Clamps, Water/Grout Pumps, Urethane Track Shoes, Wide Track Shoes
Major Dimensions:  
(Transport Config.) W: 1,676 mm ( 66.00 in.)
(3-section mast) L: 5,307mm (208.94 in.)
    H: 2,687mm (105.78 in.)
Weight (approx.): 5,909 kg. (13,000 lb.)


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