DK 920

The DK 920 Model drill is the culmination of efforts between Davey Kent Inc. and Western US clients to fill a niche need in the soil-nail process of foundation drilling. This machine is capable of installing soil-nails very efficiently. Most are single pass without the need to add or change drill steel.


Proven to be the most productive machine because of it’s best-in-the-world combination of articulation and stroke, the DK 920 can be utilized for almost any type of drilling required. The DK 920 is highly engineered and has proven to be stable and reliable under the most extreme job site stresses. When you need production, you need the DK 920.


DK 920 technical specifications

  • Caterpillar base provides the latest in both power and hydraulic technology.
  • Maximum kinematic motion range with no cylinder re-pinning or reconfiguring required.
  • Able to drill up to 20 meters in a single pass.
  • Stable in all drilling configurations.
  • Rugged design allows for extreme durability.
  • Built to serve and endure.

Power Unit:

CAT 330 (EPA compliant)                  228HP (170kW)

total working weight                           130,000lbs (59,000kg)

height                                                      12.47ft (3.80m)

length                                                      76.77ft (23.40m)

width                                                        11.48ft (3.50m)


Mast (sectional design):

overall length w/15ft extension        76.77ft (23.40m)

stroke, standard (single head)        51.67ft (15.75m)

stroke, standard (double head)      48.25ft (14.71m)

stroke, w/15ft ext (single head)       66.67ft (20.32m)

stroke, w/15ft ext (double head)     63.25ft (19.28m)

feed/extract force                                25,700lbs (114kN)

max feed rate                                       120ft/min (36.58m/min)


Rotary Heads:

type*                                                          DR10, DR14

max speed DR10/14                               102rpm

max torque DR10                                    7,316 lb-ft (9.93kNm)

max torque DR14                                    10,974ft-lbs(14.9kNm)

drifters: Kurpp or Eurodrill



type**                                                       DC250, DC300, DC400

clamping range DC250                       2–10in(51–250mm)

clamping range DC300                       2-12in(51-300mm)

clamping range DC400                   3.25-16.25in(83-400mm)



Water-pumps, Winches, Cranes, etc.


*other options available for types of rotary heads

**other options available for types of clamps



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